Wednesday Wanderings: 12 Old/New Words, New (Cute) Mammal Discovered, Book Lovers Will Understand, Rogue Planets, and That Fresh After Rain Smell

Here are twelve words that just might be older than you realize. Just one more example of what goes around, comes around:

A new mammal species was discovered recently. Oddly enough, there was one in a zoo for a long time, but zoologists thought it was one of a different (known) species. The article is interesting, but, really, just look at that face. Awwww:

For all the book lovers out there, here are seventeen problems that (perhaps) only you will understand. IF so, don’t feel alone. I suffer, too:

Rogue planets. Just floating away in space. There’s gotta be a story in there somewhere:

Love that amazing after rain smell? Me, too. Now they are going to burst my bubble as to what really causes it. I can’t have any nice things anymore, can I?:

And that is what I found interesting this week. I hope you enjoy, also!