Monday Musings: Remember the Maine

The two day Maine back to back chili cook offs, that is. We served as Chief Judge and Scorekeeper for Saturday and Sunday’s events. They are held in Wells, ME, which is a lovely town on the ocean. There were high points, and some very low ones, and I have to admit to not necessarily being in the best of moods for the two days. However, all that aside, the weather was great, we spent time with good friends, and are sending some very deserving people to the Worlds Championships in October.

One of the good parts was seeing a long-time chili cook who has been out of the circuit for a number of years. Jonathan was in ME from NYC with some friends, and came over on Saturday to judge and renew old friendships and make new ones. He was Chief Judge for many years at some of the events at the VT State cook off, when it was held at the Mt. Snow ski area. I remember some good cook offs at Mt. Snow!

We did our second annual cooks’ potluck dinner at the hotel on Saturday night. Many cooks stay at this place, and it is a short walk from the cook off site for those staying elsewhere. There was a lot of really good food!

We drove home Sunday after the cook off. It is good to be home again! I am quite exhausted. One cook off in a weekend is tiring. Two is more than twice that. But things in the judging area went pretty smoothly and it was a very successful weekend.

So- home again, and off into a new week! See you there!