Friday Review: Paranormal Legacy (Inhuman Chronicles 1) by Caitlin Hensley

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
The first thing I have to say about this ebook is a thank you to the author for taking the time to make it a well-put together book. Unlike too many author published ebooks, there were no odd formatting issues, and no editing errors that I found. It’s nice to find these books from authors who care as much about how the book looks and reads as getting it out for sale.

This is a YA paranormal story, which, as I have said in other reviews, is not my usual reading choice. The story is centered on sixteen-year-old Haily Long, who lives a normal teenage life with her widowed mother and the family dog. One night, two strangers attack the Longs in their home, and Haily’s mother fights them off with what appears to be magical abilities. Haily’s mother rushes them out of town to a new home in a town hundreds of miles away. She won’t tell Haily why, or who the two strangers were. And then, Haily discovers that their next door neighbors are a family of vampires, with an adopted werewolf son. As Haily gets more involved in the lives of the paranormals surrounding her, she starts to uncover layers of secrets, about her mother, her family, and herself.

The story basically moves along quickly, with very few lags or slow points. Characters are well-drawn and believable. Haily is typically sixteen- confused, often angry, rebellious, and learning to deal with her blossoming feelings for Nathan, the werewolf. If there is a lack, for me, it is the drawn out nature of revealing the secrets Haily’s mother has been keeping. Of course, you don’t want to give everything away at once, but it seemed at times so many hints were dropped that some of the secrets became obvious and to drag it out past that point became a bit off-putting. The biggest part that bothered me was not wrapping up all the points of the story by the end. This is the first of a series, and there are things that should over-arch a series, but to keep the purpose of the Wests, from the first time they attack Haily and her mother, through aiding in dealing with the danger that arises, seems a too obvious plug for the next book. It would have worked better for me if the “blood pact” hinted at was explained. Despite those things, the plot was well-structured and believable, the action moved swiftly, and the characters grew over the course of the story. This was certainly one of the better YA books I’ve read lately.