Wednesday Wanderings: Monty Python Trailer Redone, Sesame Street Fashion Fail, Creepy and Beautiful Jeweled Skeletons, and 2013 Ig Nobel Awards

We all love Monty Python and the Holy Grail, right? But what if the trailer had been made for a serious movie? It would look something like this, and I would still want to go see the movie:

I love Sesame Street, I really do, and those yip-yip guys with their “Book, book, book” and all are one of my favorites, but these are so wrong on so many levels. Serious fashion fail there, folks. Whatever would Clinton Kelly say? What NOT to wear EVER, EVER, EVER!!

Yip Yip Yip Leggings

These jewel encrusted skeletons of Catholic saints (or saint candidates) are creepy and beautiful at the same time:

And, for your scientific education and enjoyment, I present the 2013 winners of the Ig Nobel prizes: