Tuesday Timewarp: Today is the Day!

Six of One

Yes, I know- there was no post yesterday. I had a long and tiring weekend, and I did not get it written. And I wanted to wait to make the following announcement:

Six of One: A Collection of Short Fantasy, my first book published as an author-publisher, is on sale today. It should be available at most ebook retailers at some point today. I will add direct links to where it is available now at the end of this post. I am sorry to say that it will not be available on Google Play, at least for now. More on that later. If you have pre-ordered it, you can download it today.

What is it? Well-

Six of One: A Collection of Short Fantasy by M.A. Kropp is a set of short fantasy stories. Meet wizards, imps, gangster angels, and frogs in this group of varied tales of magic and mischief. Escape from the everyday into worlds of fantasy with Six of One: A Collection of Short Fantasy.

Included are:

A Girl, An Elf, and a Shoe- An elf causes a mix-up the day before the big race

With Pen In Hand- A wizardly writer creates his own audience

Impish- An apprentice sorcerer lets the imp out of the bag- or box

Where Angels Tread- What if Heaven and Hell are more like The Sopranos than Seraphim? A noir style story in two parts, where a vital piece of Heavenly equipment goes missing.

Siren Song- A young accountant has an encounter with a mermaid and her companion and must think quickly to save his father

Peepers- A young man visiting from the city finds the nighttime song of some tiny frogs irresistible

If those sound like stories you would like to read, I would appreciate your buying the book. If you do, and you like it, I ask that you add a review, on Amazon or another site. I am not asking for all 5 star reviews, although if you do feel it is 5 star worthy, I will not stop you. On the other side, if you think  it is a 1 star effort, and feel disinclined to post that in a review, I will also not argue. <grin> Seriously, reviews help, and it is appreciated. Actually, if you buy it and read it, and don’t write a review, I appreciate your support also more than you know.

About Google. <sigh> It was suggested to me that I should put the book up on Google Play, as well as the other places it is available. I tried. I really tried. I tried all day long yesterday. The Google upload site is awkward, at best, and impossible and frustrating, in reality. The “instructions” they give are cryptic and useless, and it is almost impossible to figure out what you will get paid, other than it is “a significant portion” of the pricing. By whose definition of significant? You get no feedback when you upload files, so there’s no way of knowing what your status is, or even if they got the files. After multiple attempts, with no progress, I gave up.

After all that, I did some searching to see if there were any hints or tips to help me. What I found, for the most part, is that many have had similar problems, It seems that, eventually, you can get the book uploaded and live, but there were reports of things being listed as “processing” for a week or more. And the consensus seems to be that very few authors actually get any sales from Google, anyway. It seemed simply not worth it. If anyone out there has any tips or tricks to get this done easier, I am willing to listen. Otherwise, Google appears to be out.

And finally, here are the links to get your ebook of Six of One:



Barnes & Noble:




Smashwords (all eook formats, as well as .pdf, text, and sample downloads):


It is also available at the  iTunes bookstore.

It should be up on Sony at some point today, also.

I thank you for reading my stories, and I hope you enjoy them!


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