Wednesday Wanderings: Bad Book Covers, Expensive Beers, Animals Take Over Abandoned Houses, and Base Jumping in Kuala Lumpur

Some of these are probably NSFW, but there are some truly hysterical (and horribly bad) book covers here:

Think you pay a lot for your beer? Check these out:

These are really fascinating photographs. Animals have taken over abandoned houses in a Finnish forest. The photos are hauntingly beautiful:

If you have a fear of heights like I do, you will probably be cringing at these pictures from a base jumping festival in Kuala Lumpur:


Six of One: A Collection of Short Fantasy by M.A. Kropp is a set of short fantasy stories. Meet wizards, imps, gangster angels, and frogs in this group of varied tales of magic and mischief. Escape from the everyday into worlds of fantasy with Six of One: A Collection of Short Fantasy. Ebook available now:


Barnes & Noble:



W H Smith (UK):

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