Monday Musings: Trifecta Week!

Last week was a week full of good. I have to admit, lately, I have been feeling that there has not been a whole lot of that around me lately. I know it isn’t true, but sometimes, the “stuff” just gets you down. Last week, though, was just one really nice week, start to finish. Why? Oh, let me tell you!

First, we got to welcome our third grandchild, and first granddaughter into the world. Little Bianca was born on Tuesday night, the second for our youngest daughter and her husband. I spent Tuesday night with Bianca’s big brother, five year old Will, while Mom and Dad were at the hospital. And we got to see her on Wednesday. For a not-quite-24-hour-old baby, she was very alert and awake for a long time when we got there in the afternoon. They took her home on Thursday, and everyone is doing just fine. She is absolutely adorable. Oh, I know, you think that is Grandma talking, don’t you? Here, let me show you:



See? I was right- adorable!

Next, the BaldMan has a new job! I won’t dwell on it, but it’s been more than a year, and so it was very, very good news. He will start on October 21 at SpaceClaim in Concord, MA. Congratulations to the BaldMan!

And, of course, rounding out the trio of goodness for the week, my book, Six of One: A Collection of Short Fantasy, went on sale on Tuesday. It is available at most ebook retailers now. You can get yourself a copy at any of the places listed below. I sincerely thank all those who have purchased it. I hope you enjoy reading it. (And please, leave a review!) To those yet to purchase, I thank you for considering it, and hope you decide to get it, and enjoy it.

It was a very good week for us here. How was your week? I’m thinking only good ones from now on!


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