Friday Fumble: Where Does The Day Go?

No, I haven’t finished Wicked yet. I’m getting there, but I just don’t seem to have time to read these days. And I have no idea why. Well, I guess I do, at least a little. I am getting stuff done here, and I am doing more dinner prep these days, but it still seems I should be able to carve out time to read somewhere. I need to try to be better at that.

All that said, November may be a light month for reviews, anyway. It is National Novel Writing Month, and that means I will be concentrating on daily word count, and reading may be pushed off some for the next few weeks. I am not doing a novel, as such, this year. I am going to try a series of short stories, instead. So I guess that makes me a NaNoRebel of sorts, doesn’t it? I have found I am enjoying writing the shorter forms, and decided I was going to keep at that for a while. I am also amending my daily goal a bit. I am going to try, at least two or three days a week, to get an extra 500 words written in the morning, in addition to my daily goal of 2,000. I really do my best work later in the day, so the main goal will be tackled then, but I would like to try to get a bit more ahead before the end of the month.

I will try to get something up here on Fridays, but be warned- it may be very NaNoWriMo-centered and very writing related. But that’s life in November for us NoNovelers!

Related to that, I am guest blogging today on J. Rose Allister’s blog, talking about some strategies for getting through the month with those 50,000 words done. You can read my post, Surviving NaNoWriMo (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Write a Novel) here:

Now, I must go tend to the mundane, everyday things so I can get those words in later!