Monday Musings: Thanksgiving, Head Colds, and The End of November

Thanksgiving. The holiday for, well, giving thanks. As usual, we spent it with family. This year was a bit different, however, since Krysta’s mother-in-law is visiting from Brazil. She is quite allergic to cats, and so the only places that would be big enough to hold all of the people coming both have cats, we decided to go to the Lafayette House in Foxboro, MA. It just so happens that Jill works there. She was on the service bar for Thanksgiving, so did not get to eat with us, but we all did get to visit with her at one point or another. There ended up being fourteen people, plus one infant.  I had the pleasure of sitting next to our five-year-old grandson, Will, and we had the most excellent dinner conversation. We discussed wine glasses, eating bugs, turkeys, and a number of other topics. He would have been a much-requested dinner guest at those dinner parties in the past where one was expected to keep up a running conversation during dinner!

The only down side for me was that I was hit with an apocalyptic head cold this week. I got no sleep Tuesday or Wednesday night, as I was up all night coughing. You know that old saw about “hacking up a lung?” I went through both of mine, and I believe I was starting on other internal organs. I apologize to those I may have kept awake at Jill’s on Wednesday night. If I could have stopped, trust me, I would have. I wasn’t even sure, on Thursday morning, that I was going to make it to dinner. But since dinner was later in the afternoon, and no one was coming to the pre-dinner festivities until afternoon, I did manage to get some sleep in. That, and keeping well medicated, helped. I headed for bed early on Thursday night. Again, sorry to be such poor company, but I was pretty much exhausted by then. We came home on Friday. I did very little either Saturday or Sunday, and napped both days. I have been sleeping, also. By Sunday, I felt at least a bit more human, although still stuffy and coughing at times. It seems I may survive.

Saturday marked the end of November, which also meant the end of National Novel Writing Month. I hit the goal- actually a bit over, as I validated at 51,393 words on Tuesday, November 25. The story is basically finished. It needs to sit for a bit before editing begins. I did not do more after I validated it. The cold and being out of town for a couple days convinced me to let it be. It’s okay. I planned it that way from the beginning, so that I would hit the 50K goal early and be able to take a few days off, if I chose to. Good thing. I hate to think what I may have written, sleep-deprived and full of cold medicine!

What’s next? Well, there are a few things in the pile, but first, I am going to reward myself and indulge in some fun writing that is just for me. Oh, yes, I am planning on committing fanfic. I have had not one, but two, li’l ol’ plot bunnies hopping about on my desk for about half of the month, and I think it is about time to let them loose. There are other things to be worked on, as well. It’s back to the normal schedule, without the madness of NaNo.

And, of course, Christmas season is upon us now. Time for the festivities to begin. I may even start bringing decorations down from the attic this week. I will allow that, as it is December. I try not to do any Christmas before then. We rush the season far too much, in my opinion. I even frown on those who have their outdoor lights on before December 1. Put them up, yes- take advantage of the few warmer days we still get, but leave the lights off until December 1.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and Chanukah, and are looking forward to a lovely Christmas and holiday season!


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