Monday Musings: Puppy!

As many of you know, we had to euthanize our chocolate Lab at twelve years old recently. We knew we would get another dog fairly soon, but I intended to wait until after the holidays. Not that our holiday season is hectic, or includes a lot of travel, and such, but it is a busier time of year. We had been looking at adoptable dogs, and were about to put in an application on one, figuring it would take time to go through the process. However, on Saturday morning, a friend of Stephanie’s sent her a link to a local shelter that was having an open adoption on pit bull puppies, first come, first served. I was upstairs when the BaldMan saw the link, and he came up and asked if I was interested. Um, yes, I sure was! So we had a quick breakfast, got ready, and headed up to the shelter so we would be there early.

They opened at noon, and we got there about a quarter to. There were a few cars in the lot, and when people started heading to line up at the door, we did, too. Turns out we got in first for the puppies, so we got first choice. We talked to an adoption counselor, and she took us to see the puppies. They were all cute, of course. Some black and white, gray, a red brindle that seemed kind of muted in color, and a very handsome dark brindle. I’m a big fan of brindles, so, of course, he was my choice, and the BaldMan agreed. So they got him out of the pen, and took us to a room so we could interact with him for a bit. He’s a puppy, so he was curious, and bouncy, and lovey, and snuggly, all at once. We talked with the counselor about dogs, and I’ve had experience with puppies before, so that was a plus. After just a few minutes, she said, “So, what do you think? Sold?” We both said, “Yes!”

I have to say, it was a pretty painless adoption process. We had to fill out some paperwork, and they went over all his info with us. They had some free collars, so we picked a nice one out for him. I’d brought a leash, since I did not want to risk taking a puppy outdoors without, even if I was carrying him. Puppies are really good at wiggling! Even the fee was reasonable. We were finished and heading out with our new baby in about an hour.

He’s an 8 week old, dark brindle with a white chest and feet American pit bull. Both Mom and Dad are pitties. And he is the cutest little thing ever. Very sweet and cuddly. And full of energy when he’s wide awake! We named him Lambeau, after the home stadium of the Green Bay Packers.

Now, I was not expecting to have a new dog this soon, much less a puppy, so first stop was Petsmart, just to get some basic supplies. A couple toys (babies need toys, right?), some chew sticks, a harness (I do have Murphy’s, but that is not going to fit a puppy!), puppy food, and a few other things. He took to the bed we got him immediately. Got him home, gated off the kitchen, and put his bed and toys there. He’s been very good. Oh, yes, a few accidents, but we’re working on that. He’s getting the hang of the leash already. Of course, I can’t find my clicker, so I went out today and got a new one, guaranteeing the old one will pop into my hand in the next day or so. His foster mom did a great job with the pups. He settles nicely when he gets tired, and goes right to his bed for a nap. He can be crated at night with only a few minutes of crying when he is left alone, then he curls up and goes to sleep. He slept through until about 5:15 this morning, which is very nice (if it keeps up!). He spent most of the evening last night curled up in my lap while we watched TV. So far, so good. We’ll see what happens when he hits his “teenager” stage!

We will, of course, get him into classes, starting with a puppy orientation, and then puppy kindergarten. I would like to put him through the all the class levels, and then have him test for Canine Good Citizen. And maybe do some agility or something, just for fun.

It’s very different having a baby in the house, after living with the OldDog for so long. It’s also very much fun! Welcome home, Lambeau! It’s going to be a pretty wild ride for a bit, I’m sure, but we’ll adjust to each other before long, I am sure.