Monday Musings: Puppy In The House, Piano Tuning, and the Chili Cookoff I May Regret

Could someone please remind me why I wanted a puppy?

I am kidding. Sort of. I mean, he is stinkin’ cute, but boy, oh, boy, is he ever a puppy. There are times when all you hear in the house is: Lambeau, No! Lambeau, Off! Bad Dog! He is not really a terrible dog. He is all puppy, and like any baby, he gets into everything he can get his paws and/or mouth around. And since he has grown already, that means more he can reach and poke at. He can climb the sides of the pen and escape. He is quick to take advantage if you leave the gate or a door open. He has to taste and chew and try to eat everything, food or not.

On  the plus side, he listens most of the time when you tell him to stop climbing the pen. He sits nicely when I feed him instead of jumping all over me until I put the dish down. He is getting the idea that if he sits nicely after bringing back a thrown toy, it gets thrown again. He’s not so good at the outside potty stuff right now. He does not like going out there for anything- potty, play, walks. But he is getting the idea of peeing on the puppy pads. And when he is awake, he is just a bundle of energy! He does like to play with a squeaky ball and rope toy, so we have been able to run the worst of it out of him, and then he sleeps for a couple hours, and I can get stuff done.

Did I mention he is stinkin’ cute? 🙂

The BaldMan tuned the piano for me last week. I don’t play a lot, but I do like to sit down and just noodle around with stuff now and then, and I noticed that it was sounding a bit off in spots. But since no one really plays seriously, I didn’t want to spend a lot on a tuning. So he bought some basic supplies, and since he has a pretty good ear, he worked on it. He did a good job. It sounds much better, without the jangly spots. Nice to know he can do that for me.

This weekend is the Women’s Invitational Chili Cookoff in Somers. CT. We are serving as Chief Judge and Scorekeeper once again. The catch to this one is that any men who wish to compete have to dress as women! And from some of the things I have seen posted online, there may be some things I will never be able to unsee! LOL Even the BaldMan is going to get into the spirit, despite the fact that he is not cooking. What I am waiting to see is if any of the guys attempt to wear heels, and how long they last! I am sure it will be… interesting.

That’s what’s going on around here. The holiday lull is over now, and it’s back to what passes as normal. I hope your worlds are turning well.