Monday Musings: Puppy Update, She’s Moving Out!, and C-c-c-c-cold

Lambeau is doing fine. He has gotten visibly bigger since we brought him home just a few weeks ago. Had him to the vet for his second set of shots. He goes back next month for the last round, and his rabies. He will start on heartworm medication, as well. The vet did think he was a bit on the thin side (which I suspected also), so he is getting more food now. He is a growing boy, and needs his nourishment! He still settles quite nicely at night, and I have been putting him in his crate for a time every afternoon, so he gets used to being in there sometimes. He still is not fond of going outside for any reason, but I keep working with him. We take short walks- it’s been bitter cold! I take him out in the yard when I go to feed the chickens, but he retreats to the porch almost immediately.

The pen is pretty useless now, since he can climb over it like it wasn’t even there. And he is determined to get the cats to play with him. So far, he has not made a lot of progress, although I suspect he thinks that when Amber hisses and swats at him, she is playing. He has not been aggressive with them, and that is good. He is getting the hang of fetch, and will give up the ball pretty well now, and then sit and wait for it to be thrown again. He does get a bit over-excited at times, but when he does and starts getting too mouthy with my hands, I just stop playing. He needs to realize that when he acts unacceptably, he doesn’t get any fun. I took him when we went to the store the other day, and he and I just waited outside while the BaldMan picked up a few things. He needs to be out with people and cars and other things now, so he gets some socialization. He was good, although I think he was a little upset that everyone didn’t stop and pet him! He is signed up for the first level obedience class in February. So, things are progressing with the new guy.

Steph is moving out on February 2nd. She’s moving with a friend to Nashua, in the complex she used to live in. So we will be spending next Sunday helping her do that. Her father already has jobs- setting up the TV, and internet. I’ll be hauling boxes, I assume. It will be nice to be able to eat things like fish, and kale, and some other things whenever we want to again! She actually bought herself a cookbook to use when she is making her own meals. She got Michael Symon’s 5 In 5, which is all simple, quickly prepared, good meals. She made fettuccine Alfredo last night from it, and it was very good.

It has been quite cold out there lately, hasn’t it? I kind of wish it would moderate just a little, because I’d like to be able to walk the puppy a bit more. He does have a coat, so he’s okay, but even my face is frozen after just a few minutes, especially if the wind is blowing. We also got a light dusting of snow on Friday night into Saturday. I can’t say I am not glad that we are winding down to the end of Winter.

Not much going on this week. Just chasing after the puppy, laundry, vacuuming- you know, the usual!

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