Monday Musings: Change is Fun?

We recently decided to migrate most of our shared virtual world to Google apps. We are doing this mainly because it was getting more and more difficult to coordinate everything across multiple computers, phones, tablets, and all the other electronic goodies that have become so much a part of everyone’s life. Just trying to keep a calendar and contacts list up to date, and accessible to both of us was getting next to impossible. (A side note on that: Why can’t all the different platforms just agree to disagree, and make things just work? That, to me, would be the ideal for keeping us all connected- we each get to pick what suits us best, and it all just works. Together. Nicely. I’m asking too much, aren’t I?)

Anyway, what that meant is a change of email address. Whew. There was a task of Herculean proportions! For one thing, I really had no idea how much “stuff” I get in my email. I did take the opportunity to weed a lot of it out. So, things I knew I just automatically deleted without even looking at? Unsubscribe. Things that went into a folder, and had months of unopened and unread emails in there? Unsubscribe and delete. Stuff I just was not interested in anymore, but had been to lazy to stop? Unsubscribe. Most of that was easy. Most places make unsubscribing fairly painless. Sure, a few want to know why, but most have menus of choices, and one usually fit. It took some time, because I don’t get emails from all of them every day, but as they came in, I would decide: Keep or No. Most have been done. There are one or two still dribbling in.

The real hassle came with changing the email address on some sites. Why do they make it so darned difficult? If the actual spot where you can change an email address isn’t buried so deep on the site it takes nearly forever to find, the process can be painful. Again, most are not bad. Give them your password, old email, new email, and then respond to a verification email sent- not bad. But some? The hoops they make you jump through, or just the difficulty finding where to put in a new email is enough to make you tear out your hair. I discovered a few more today that need changing. Yeesh.

And, of course, that means my old email address will, at some point, be going away. Ah, well, all things change, don’t they? I will be very glad when this is done, however, and I can get back to doing useful stuff without the interruption of finding yet another place that needs changing. I’m almost there- I can feel it. Or is that just one more change email crawling up my spine?