Monday Musings: Full House

No, I don’t mean the 90’s sitcom, although we did watch that one faithfully. I mean my own house on Saturday. We did Easter dinner then, since most of the family was able to make it on that day. The only one missing was Steph, since she had to work. She came over for dinner on Easter Sunday, so she didn’t miss the dinner, just the company. Still, it was a full house. We had all three grandchildren- Will, 6, Carter, 2, and Bianca, 6 months. Also three dogs- Molly, Jill’s 1 1/2-ish year old Great Pyrenees/ Golden Retriever mix, Nikki, Krysta’s 4 year old Chihuahua/Toy Fox “Terror” mix, and Lambeau, our 6 month old pit bull puppy. Plus 5 adults. I have to admit, I wondered if the house would still be standing at the end of the day! (It was.)

The day could have been better. It was damp and drizzly. I had been hoping for warm and sunny. We did get the dogs out in the yard twice for some playtime. They had a great time, running and chasing, and wrestling, and just being dogs. It took Nikki a little while to figure out how to fit in with the two much bigger (and rougher playing) dogs, but he did join in the chasing fun, and had some bouncy play with Molly. She was very good with him. She would play bounce at him, but never really pounced on him like she did with Lambeau. All three were exhausted that evening. Everyone said the dogs just collapsed when they got home. Lambeau slept (or at least stayed quiet in his crate) until 9:30 the next morning, which is late for him!

The kids had fun, too. They were out in the yard running with (or at least trying not to get run over by) the dogs. Well, the older two, anyway. Bianca took a nap, but, hey, she is only six months old. And they drew me a few pictures, and played the piano. The adults supervised dogs and children, and drank beer. See? A good day.

Dinner was excellent, as usual. The BaldMan smoked some baby back ribs that were quite tasty. He made some barbecue sauce to go with them, and cole slaw, and potato salad for sides. The boys had hot dogs. Everyone enjoyed their dinner.

The only ones who were not as pleased with the day’s festivities were the cats, I think. I say “I think” because we really didn’t see much of them while the house was crowded. I’m sure Guinness spent the day behind the 90 gallon fish tank in the living room. That’s his hiding spot when things are too much for him. The others retreated to higher ground for the duration. They came out after everyone left, and things quieted down.

It was good to have everyone here, dogs included. They were all quite well behaved, and Nikki and Lambeau will settle in their crates pretty well, so we could eat in peace. Molly settles nicely on the sofa. A good thing, because I am not sure where we would have put a crate her size!

A few pictures of the fun:



It was a good day. A very good day.