Monday Musings: In the Good Old Summertime

It’s going to be a hot week here. High temperatures, possible thunderstorms, all that stuff we get in the summer. Still, I’d rather be hot than frozen! And it is Fourth of July week, so lots of vacationers, parties, and fireworks. It will be interesting to see how (or if) Lambeua reacts to those. Had one go off the other evening when I had him out, and he startled a bit, and looked in the direction of the noise, but he seemed to recover immediately. Then, there were a few bangs later on, but he was busy with a bully stick and didn’t notice at all. Of course, those were isolated, and not what will be coming later in the week. If we get the thunderstorms, this will be his first experience with those, too. Murphy never liked thunder. I’m hoping Lambeau will be one of the dogs that is not greatly affected.

I started working on the pond yesterday. Hot, sweaty work, but it was in bad shape. I didn’t get the heater into it quickly enough last year, so it (I think) froze all the way to the bottom. That, plus the couple visits we had from the heron, put an end to the fish that were in there. And it is just full of algae and leaves. I drained it as much as I could yesterday, and pulled the pots of reeds out. Thinned and trimmed the roots of the big pot, and separated the smaller one into a couple plants. I have those and the floating pot with the pickerel rush in a large plastic tub for now. Just need to get all the gunk out of it, and have the remaining water evaporate, then I can clean it really well and refill, get the filter going again, and maybe get a couple fish in there. I have some ideas for landscaping around it, also.

We have a bit of a break from chili cook-offs for a few weeks. The next one that is being held will be Vermont State later in July, but we are not going to be there. My niece is getting married that weekend, so we will be at the wedding. When we start again, it will be hectic. with three in August, two in September, and then the World Championship and one other in October. It will be a busy summer!

I hope you all have a fun-filled holiday weekend!