Tuesday Thoughts

There was no Monday Musings post yesterday. We were away for the weekend at a chili cook off, and I needed yesterday for a recovery day. Funny thing is, I didn’t really feel as tired as I usually do right after the cook off on Saturday, but by the time we stopped for lunch on the way home Sunday, I was wiped. And I still felt it yesterday, so I decided to put this post off until today.

The cook off was great. We like Maine State. It’s a well-run, fun cook off. We and a group of cooks stay at the same hotel, and we have a potluck dinner after the cook off on Saturday evening. We started that a few years ago, when we realized that we all would come back to the hotel, jump in the pool or hot tub for a bit, sit around and talk and laugh, and then everyone left to go to different places for dinner. Now, we can enjoy the company and food all evening. It’s a nice cook off, and a very enjoyable weekend.

The paperback copies of my book should be here today. I am excited to see how it looks actually printed for real. I’m planning a few fun things for September, so stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, it’s available as an ebook at all the usual places, and on CreateSpace and Amazon as print on demand. Links are below this post.

With the rest of the writing, I am still working on the expansion of the novelette to full novel status. It is going pretty well, and I did get my goal words in yesterday. I have given myself a deadline to get this draft done, and I figure if I give in every time I don’t really feel like writing, I will never get it done on time. That’s one of the advantages, to me, of being an outliner. If I don’t feel the energy to write, I don’t have to worry about figuring out where to go next. I can look at the chapter outline, and I have a place to start. That is usually all I need- a start. Once I get going, I can almost always keep moving forward.

I can’t believe Lambeau will be a year old in a couple months. It seems we just got him from the Animal Rescue League such a short time ago. He’s grown so much from the little puppy I could carry in my arms! He’s doing pretty well with his training. He’s very good for me here, most of the time. He still gets a bit too overexcited at class with the other dogs, but he is starting to settle out and work with me a bit faster.

That’s what’s been going on. A day late, but better late than never, right?


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