Monday Musings: Chili Weekend, Visiting Family, and Cooling Down

We were in New Haven, Connecticut on Saturday for the CT State Chili Cook Off. This was the 22nd annual CT State, and, as always, it was a great event. It benefits the Community Action Agency of New Haven so that they can continue their Meals on Wheels program. It was a beautiful day, and we had both cooks and public turn out in large numbers. We had to have two preliminary tables and a final table in Red chili because of the number of cooks. We advanced three very good cooks to the World’s Championship in late October.

We stayed both Friday and Saturday with Jill, John, and Carter in Norton, MA. It was about two hours to New Haven from there, so not too bad a drive. Carter just turned three, so it was nice to spend some time with him, and his parents. He just got glasses, due to astigmatism in both eyes. He’s not very fond of wearing them right now, but he will get used to them, and they cetainly will help his vision.

He’s a typical three year old. Even though he wasn’t feeling very well, he still is non-stop energy. Like all toddlers, he has no patience. He knew there were presents to open, but was told he had to wait until Daddy got home from work, which, of course, took way too long. Once he did get to open them, he was pretty happy. Naturally, all the toys had to be opened NOW, and books read by everyone. It really was a good time.

The weather definitely has been cooling down, despite some return of warmth and humidity yesterday. There is color in many trees and leaves are falling more and more rapidly. I have not had to keep the air conditioner on during the day most of the time. That means it is getting to be time to start cleaning up in the garden. I’ll start that this weekend. The tomato plants are starting to get more and more brown branches, although there are a lot of tomatoes out there yet. I have some herbs I want to pot up and bring inside. Of course, there is the never-ending fall chore of leaf clean-up. I hope the vacuum/shredder thing works this year. It makes it easier to compost the leaves since it shreds them as it vacuums.

It will also be time to start pulling out the Halloween decorations, won’t it? I don’t have a lot of stuff for Halloween, but there is enough. I also have a few ideas for new things this year. Then, it’s on to Thanksgiving. Thinking about those things means summer is just about over, doesn’t it? Ah, well, the seasons turn, as always.

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