Friday Review: The Short Man by Joshua Cejka (Meg Brown Mysteries #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fun short read. Meg Brown is a detective on the Minneapolis Police Department. She is called to a local college campus when the body of a campus security officer is found shot. She’s barely into this case when another body turns up. Meg needs to use her Sherlock Holmes style powers of observation to piece the mystery together before more bodies pile up.

The story is well-written and tight. The mystery is developed nicely in this short length. Meg Brown is smart, with a dry sense of humor that adds to the enjoyment of the story. It’s a nice example of the genre that will entertain and amuse any reader.

My only issue was with several mechanical errors in the text. Yes, errors slip by, but there were more than one or two, and they popped me out of the story for a second or two each time. I would still reccommend this to anyone who likes mysteries and shorter works. I will be reading the other Meg Brown stories in the future.

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