Monday Musings: Outdoor Work, and NaNoWriMo

We managed to get a lot of stuff done outside yesterday. It was not a bad day, and the rest of the week looks pretty good, also. The BaldMan mowed the lawn for the last time on Saturday, and took the mower deck off the tractor. Yesterday, we put the chains on the tires and mounted the snowblower. I know, depressing, huh? But we have, in the past, been out there in freezing cold with numbing fingers, trying to get it together while snow was falling. This year, we managed to get it done before the first snow. And, the chains were not the evil, impossible, devil-spawned hell that they usually are. The BaldMan had the brilliant idea to take the tires off the tractor and mount the chains that way. It wasn’t exactly a piece of cake, but it sure went a lot smoother than previous years. So, yay for good ideas!

I also got the last of the summer bird feeders down, and hung a couple more winter feeders. The birds are happy. Even had a red-breasted woodpecker out at the feeder. First time for that one here. I do need to get a better feeder for the kitchen window. I took down the hummingvbird feeder and hung a sunflower tube, but the @#$@% squirrel can hang off the windowsill and get to it. I will need to get a squirrel proof type for that hook. I got the Halloween decorations taken down. I stopped lighting them last week, but they were still out there. And I closed up the pond for winter. Took out the pump and filter, and stored them, took the statues in, and dropped the stock tank heater in. It’s a new heater, and if it works out, I will put fish in there again next year. I let the pond freeze over last year and the fish didn’t make it. Also got the hoses in the basement, and the timer for the drip irrigation in the garden is in the basement. So, lots accomplished before the cold hits.

Last week, I posted about the start of National Novel Writing Month, and here we are, ten days in. How am I doing? I am right on schedule according to my plan. I am at 12,570 words, which was my goal for last Friday. Remember, I planned things so I can take weekends off. I may not do that every weekend, but it’s there, as long as I stay on schedule. It worked for this weekend, since we wanted to get that outdoor stuff done. Today’s goal is to hit 15,000 words. I can do it. I managed almost 200 this morning, so I’m on the way.

Happy Monday, and have a good week! I’ll be writing!