Monday Musings: New Year, New Stuff

Yes, I know the shiny, purty ball dropped a few nights ago. I did make it to midnight this year (something that does not happen every year!) , but not much past. Need my beauty sleep and all that blah, blah, blah.

I know the burning question on everyone’s mind. Well, okay, maybe not everyone. Probably not you. Or you. I’m going to talk about it anyway. What did I make for New Year’s resolutions? The same as every other year: none. I don’t like “resolutions.” It has taken on something of a negative connotation, it seems to me. You see it everywhere. Things like “Time once again to make the resolutions that will be broken in a week.” Or words to that effect. To me, that just sets you up to fail. If you start out with a negative feeling about something, it is hard to shake that unconscious connection. Does that mean I have no ideas for the New Year? Not at all. I just prefer to think of them in terms of goals, rather than resolutions.

So, yes, I have some goals for this year. Some are pretty concrete. By this date, I will have that done. Some are a bit more fluid, and give some room for adjustment. Some are fun; others are serious. All are things I should work toward accomplishing. Targets to hit, if you will, rather than stone tablets with unchangable pronouncements. I don’t know. It is probably just semantics, but it helps me accept the idea better. And that’s really what it’s about, isn’t it?

The holidays were good. We actually managed to have Christmas dinner on Christmas day. That is no small accomplishment these days, what with everyone’s various schedules. It was a bit toned down this year, since the BaldMan had a partial knee replacement done on December 22. But he still put out a great dinner that was enjoyed by all.

We did have an interesting houseful that day. Us, all three girls, two sons-in-law, three grandchildren, and three dogs! Full house, indeed! I am glad they were all here. I love watching the little ones open their gifts. New Year’s was quiet, as usual. Just the two of us. But that’s okay. A nice, quiet day at home, with no rushing, no fussing, and no obligations is a good thing.

I kind of took the whole two weeks around the holidays off. I did some editing on the current story, but not a whole lot. I did do some organizing and filtering through the files, both computer and paper, that have been accumulating. I was trying to make a bit more sense out of them. I made some progress, but some of it is such a tangle of bits and pieces, I have no idea what to do! And I set up my calendar for the year, adding in all the things I know about right now. I will be submitting a story for an anthology later this year, so I put those dates in so I am not panicking (I hope!) a week before it is due. And there is another possibility that I am waiting to hear on. I would also like to get this current story revised, edited, and out there in the first part of the year. Of course, that means I’m going to have to come up with a title, and so far, that is not happening.

That’s where I am at right now. New year, new ideas, new stuff to work on. As they say- Onward!


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One thought on “Monday Musings: New Year, New Stuff

  1. I have similar thoughts on “Resolutions.” Goals, Intentions….whatever you want to call them….are good to have….and are more productive if you tweak them as you go. I know you’ll have great accomplishment this year!


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