Monday Musings: Onward to a New Year

We seem to have made it into 2019, haven't we? I know I've been scarce around here for the last part of December, but after Two's Company released, I decided to take some time off to enjoy the holidays, and regroup before plunging into things again. That said, if you know me at all, you know … Continue reading Monday Musings: Onward to a New Year

New Year, New- Ah, Never Mind

So, I have been seeing a lot of looking back at the year just ended retrospectives on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I thought: Well, why not? Let's grab hold and jump aboard that train. I sat down. I looked at this nice, white, blank screen. I began to think. And what I concluded was: Stick … Continue reading New Year, New- Ah, Never Mind

Monday Musings: Holiday Greetings!

Christmas is this weekend. Seems to have come up really fast, at least to me. Of course, that means another year will be passing into history. Can't say I am sorry to see 2016 go. With all the wonderful souls we have lost, both personal and celebrity, friends who have had tough times, and a … Continue reading Monday Musings: Holiday Greetings!

Friday Review: 2015

Just some random stats for the blog, plus a little thinking back, on the year that just went by: Blog views: 1700 Busiest day: July 6th with 34 views. The post: Cover Reveal: Circle Unbroken Total new posts: 136 The Five Most Viewed Posts: Wednesday Wanderings: Practice Smarter, Computers Writing News Stories, 3D Floor Tiles, … Continue reading Friday Review: 2015