What’s the Word?

One of the writers I know chooses a word every January to focus themselves for the coming year. I like the idea, so I am going to try it this new year. The word I have chosen this year is:


For me, this is almost the perfect word for 2021. This past year was, in so many ways, a sort of surreal passage of time. We were all in flux for most of it. We were locked down, masked up, facing new crises almost daily, and it had an effect on a lot of people. Whether you went into full-blown panic mode or not, there was an extra layer of fear, confusion, and upheaval for everyone. For me, it meant a year of mostly standing still. I don’t think I backslid too much, but almost everything was stagnant and lost progress. It was not productive on many levels.

Now, with a new year fresh on the page, it’s time to stop looking behind and start moving again. I found a picture that said to me what I am aiming for at the beginning of this year.

To me, this image says “Come on. Keep moving. Cross the bridge and see what’s over there.” But it’s not asking you to speed through at full tilt, racing to get to the end. A covered bridge is a thing to enjoy. To cross slowly, enjoying the architecture and the surrounding world. But cross it you do and then you keep going.

For me this is the theme for at least the beginning of the year: Move FORWARD, but don’t necessarily try to rush to the end of whatever is planned. Keep the pace doable, ramp up and add speed when possible, but no matter what, move FORWARD. I think this picture will be the centerpiece of this year’s vision board.

Do you have a word or a theme for this year? What is it?


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