Monday Musings: Writing Updates

It's February, isn't it? January seemed to disappear, especially on the writing front. I got very little done in the past month. It's been hard to get going again. I can't seem to get back into a writing routine. "Ah, yes," they say, nodding knowingly. "Writer's block. Happens to everyone." Well, no. If you have … Continue reading Monday Musings: Writing Updates

Monday Musings: Spring is Finally Here (I Hope)

The weather seems to have broken toward Spring now. The dogwoods and azaleas are blooming, daffodils are opening up, and the temperatures are climbing. We are also seeing some of our Spring/Summer residents showing up. Like these fellows: And one of them seemed to want to come in and say HI. He kept flying up … Continue reading Monday Musings: Spring is Finally Here (I Hope)