Food, Glorious Food

But not this week for me. I have that bane of the over-40 group’s existence coming up- the ever-popular colonoscopy. Don’t get me wrong- I am all for everyone having theirs when they need to be done. I had surgery a number of years ago that removed part of my colon due to cancer that was found at my first colonoscopy, so, yeah, it’s one health related thing that I am 100% in favor of. And the procedure itself is nothing, since you are asleep for the whole thing. It’s the prep that’s the killer. I am on a low fiber diet this whole week, which means I can’t eat anything good. No dairy. No red meat or meat with skin. No raw or partially cooked vegetables. No seed, nuts, or popcorn. Only white rice, and potatoes with no skin. I can have chicken or fish. And, of course, the day before is liquid diet with nothing red. And the prep solution. The less said about that the better. It’s not a lot of fun, but I will survive. And, of course, it is worth it for the peace of mind.

In other health news, the physical therapy does seem to be helping my knees. At least the right one has been pretty good lately. Mostly pain free, and when it does get irritated, it settles down really quickly. The left? Well, that’s the one I had surgery on a number of years back, so it’s not quite at the same level, but even, there it’s better. So, I guess this was a good idea. Walking can still be bothersome, but ice and CBD cream help a lot, as does remembering to take ibuprofen before I go out to walk. And the exercises I have to do at home really don’t take all that much time, and I have been able to fold them in with my regular exercises pretty well. The weather changes we have had lately haven’t helped any, but that’s just something that’s going to happen with the arthritis. I just hope the support lasts.

Crossed Wires is progressing well. I have the rewritten story just about done. The cover design is being finalized. I am going to set up the pre-orders as soon as I have a cover. There will be excerpts from a couple of the stories coming in the next few weeks before it releases. So, pretty much where we should be.

The other WIP has slowed and been put aside for a bit while I get the final set-up done for the short stories. Once all that has been taken care of, I can go back to that more full time. Next up will be sitting down with the notes I made on the read through and work out some plot details and timeline connects. I did have an inspiration that I think will iron out one of the big wrinkles in the plot, so I will be working that into place, as well. It’s showing some promise, at least.

Think Spring!

Coming May 17, 2022:

“Crossed Wires and Other Very Short Stories”. Twelve scifi and twelve fantasy short stories that can each be read in minutes

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