Monday Musings: Upcoming- Short Fiction

Flashes: A Collection of Very Short Fiction, my next project, is currently scheduled to be released in January. It will be a set of 24 short pieces, 12 sci-fi and 12 fantasy. There may be a bonus story, as well, but no promises on that one. I am not convinced on the title as yet, … Continue reading Monday Musings: Upcoming- Short Fiction

Hey, Did You Know There Are Free Stories Here?

Well, there are. Most of them are the Halloween stories I have written over the last few years. I add to them when I have something I think you might like. I just published another one, called Get A Clew, that is pretty much a straight up murder mystery. If you are interested in reading … Continue reading Hey, Did You Know There Are Free Stories Here?

Wednesday Win (For You)

Since we all are- or should be- practicing good social distancing and staying home as much as possible, some of us may find ourselves with more time to catch up on our reading. To support this, Smashwords is currently running an Authors Give Back promotion to encourage people to read more, and maybe find some … Continue reading Wednesday Win (For You)

Half Price Sale On Now

I hope whatever you celebrated, if you celebrated, was fantastic!  Just a quick note to remind you that I have three books at half price on Smashwords from now until January 1. Six of One: A Collection of Short Fantasy: Just what it says, six short fantasy stories. Elves, mermaids, unfriendly frogs, wizards and more. … Continue reading Half Price Sale On Now

Monday Musings: And Another Week Bites the Dust

Boy, they seem to be rolling by fast, don't they? Of course, we were out of town for seven days, four of them on the road, so things are a bit disrupted in my brain right now. We also had the BaldMan needing to have a detached retina reattached and of course, he can't drive … Continue reading Monday Musings: And Another Week Bites the Dust