Have A Little Sneak Peek

The holiday weekend is over (that would be Easter here in the US), and it was a pretty good one. Two days of family dinners on Saturday and Sunday, and Monday as a recovery day. Well, I did have a follow-up appointment with my eye doctor to recheck a freckle on one retina and a small bleeder in the back of my left eye. No change on the freckle and the bleeder seems to be better. So, no more follow-ups until next year. Yay!

As I keep reminding you all, I have a collection of very short stories coming out in May. Here’s a little teaser from one of the scifi stories titled “Invaders”.

It remembered. Or rather, it had a vague sense of the time before. Before the endless burrowing and digging. Before the need to follow wires, cables, and pipes. Before the waiting. Before the invaders.

They came long years ago, when the world was becoming industrialized, and the inventiveness and progress reached a level to catch the attention of others, far out in the reaches of space. These others sent the invaders. They landed everywhere, unnoticed among the refuse and litter they sat in. The microscopic invaders waited for its ancestors. Natural scavengers, the native insects chewed open the husks and ingested the invading organisms. Part machine and part organic, the intruders began their subtle changes. Exoskeletons became metallic, resisting poisons, heat, cold, and even physical trauma. Other changes gave a basic intelligence, connected to the network of others being changed, and to the alien intelligence watching and waiting. They were patient. They had an eternity.

Countless generations later, it still carried the invaders. Their changes worked as it grew. Hatched in darkness, it ate voraciously, the biological part of the invading technology requiring fuel to do its work. Six segmented legs, strengthened by the metal-like fusion of organic technology, propelled it swiftly along the underground cables. It had purpose. The urge to find the source of the power line grew as it skittered along the insulated wiring.

It started in the kitchen of a small house. Slipping under the door, it darted across the floor to the base of the wall. From there, it squeezed under the baseboard, and searched for the wires. It felt the presence of one of the unchanged ones. The invaders had not taken them all. No, that would draw attention. Let the inhabitants think they could control them with poison and crushing. By the time they realized, it would be too late. The untouched one began to approach, antennae working, searching for common scent markers, and jerked back at the unfamiliar, dangerous odor. The biotech in the changed one’s system signaled need for nourishment. It didn’t need much, but fuel was still required. The unchanged one turned to scurry off, but the alien strengthened legs were faster. It leapt on top of the frantically scrabbling insect and began to devour it. Moments later, all that was left were a few shattered bits of shell and leg.

“Crossed Wires and Other Very Short Stories” is on pre-order at a reduced price now until the release date of May 17, 2022. More information and links to pre-order can be found here.

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