Yes, I know I have been. And for no good reason, really. A few things going on, but nothing that ate up ALL the time. We had more snow. Yay, April, you keep on being the mysterious surprise package you always were! Spring flowers are starting to bloom everywhere. I am working up some garden plans. We are having some landscape work done at some point soon. The furnace did its “not going to start today but the nice repairman won’t be able to find anything wrong” schtick again. Amber had a bad day where I was sure the kidney disease was getting really bad; then she bounced back the next day and is eating and staring at chipmunks outside the sliders and yelling at us a lot- business as usual. I think I figured out where I am going to put my fish tank. You know, the everyday stuff. Nothing earth shattering or amazing. Just life. So, I suppose the lack of posting is because there really hasn’t been anything major to talk about. And there still isn’t. But here we are anyway.

Next week, I think I may give you a little teaser from one of the the fantasy stories in “Crossed Wires”. The release date is coming up fast. Really fast. I have a few things to finish up in the next week or so to make sure that all goes smoothly, but the major work is done. As a reminder, the book is a collection of twenty-four very short stories. Twelve are scifi and twelve are fantasy. It’s on pre-order now until the release date of May 17 at a discounted price. You can pre-order it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google, and Apple. After its release, it will be available at Smashwords and most other ebook retailers. Go buy it. Please. See? I’m polite when I demand things here.

I hope Spring is really here to stay now. I have come to terms with Winter, but I am still a warm weather person. Sunshine and short sleeves, that’s my weather. But if the sun doesn’t want to come out to play, and the temps decide to plunge again, well, we will just make our own sunshine and fun, right?

“Crossed Wires and Other Very Short Stories” is on pre-order at a reduced price now until the release date of May 17, 2022. More information and links to pre-order can be found here.

I have written science fiction, fantasy, and urban fantasy stories. There are novels, novellas, and shorter pieces to fit everyone’s reading time. There are even some free stories, both here on the site and in other places. You can go here to find out more about the books I have published. They are available at Amazon, Smashwords, and most ebook retailers. Thank You!