Music Hath Charms

I don’t know about the soothing savage beasts thing, but I know when I get to go to a live concert, it resets my, well, everything. And that’s where we were this week. On Monday, we drove to Albany to see Leonid and Friends at the Egg Center for Performing Arts. It’s a pretty neat looking place, don’t you think? If you don’t know about Leonid and Friends, they are a Chicago tribute band from Russia and they are very, very good. Leonid Vorobyev, the founder of the group, is a fan of Chicago, and without having seen the band live, began transcribing their songs by ear for his band to play. He’s good at it- they sound so faithful to Chicago’s sound! They have many YouTube videos out on the web, so if you have not heard them, check them out.

Yes, they are Russian, from Russia. The politics in that area right now are in turmoil to say the least, and I am sure there are people who think it is wrong to support a Russian band at this point in time. And I can understand that. But these people aren’t the ones who make the political decisions. They are just trying to do the thing they love- make music for everyone to enjoy. And music is universal, and can help to bring people together, whatever is happening in the surrounding world.

They also put on a hell of a show! The enthusiasm, energy, and love of what they are doing is so evident when you watch them from the audience. We also had VIP tickets so not only were we in the front row, but we got to sit in on the sound check before the show, and stay for a meet and greet after. It was a really great night! I managed to get most of the band to sign my ticket scrapbook, which was great. Here’s our aftershow picture with the band-

Of course, there was also just being there for a live concert. I love music, all sorts of music. It makes my heart happy, and gives me joy. When it’s live music, you can multiply that by much, much more. It was a wonderful night!

But home now, and back to the day to day stuff. Oh, and it is gloomy and gray and rainy today. Again. I wish the sun would stop teasing us with one nice day, and decide to stick around for a while! Still, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and the trees are starting leaf out. I think we can say Spring has sprung.

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