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Medusa “Deuce” Grainger is smart, confident, and as good a pilot as she is a poker player. A freelance shuttle jockey working for an independent terraforming company, she’s left her former life, and her father, behind. Mostly.

Now, her AI has downloaded another Personality off a wrecked ship, and he’s acting oddly ever since. Someone wants to sabotage her friend’s company out of business, evidence of tampering is being corrupted, and people have died.  With an investigation looming that could shut down the company and cut off her main source of income, Deuce needs to figure out what’s going on. And she needs to do it fast, because there’s more at stake than anyone realizes. Learn more here.


tn_Circle Unbroken Cover (eBook)

After five years away, Kaili is coming home for the ceremony to install her sister as head of the family business. When an old rivalry threatens the family, Kaili and her partner need to use all their skills to save the sisters’ lives  Learn more here


tn_Six of One

A collection of six short fantasy stories set in varied worlds of magic and mayhem. Suitable for middle grade readers and up.  Learn more here.


Survival of the Fittest (Front Cover)

A short novelette set in a dystopian Earth after the final environmental collapse. Sam is a genetically engineered chameleon who may hold the key to mankind’s survival. Learn more here.



In a world reeling under the effects of severe climate change, food shortages are common, and arable farmland is scarce. Unscupulous distributors like Beni Oligowma take advantage of the shortages for their own gain. When a promising new technology for growing food even under the harsh conditions is unveiled, grocery store owner Frank is determined to see that everyone is able to benefit from the results, not just the Benis of the world.
Feed My People is a short story, set in a dystopian science fiction world, and is free. Learn more



Demon hunters Johnny and Cerise travel to the small town of Carroll Fork where they find a demon-possessed thrift store, a sweet old lady who is more than she seems, and an army of underworld inhabitants. Can Johnny and his trusty yo-yo save the town from a devil of a problem?

Five and Daemon, the Yo-Yo Files #1, is a short novelette in an urban fantasy setting.  Learn more here


Snakes AliveThumb

Things have been quiet. No demonic possessions, no otherworldly intrusions, nothing. And then Lucifer shows up in Johnny’s living room, claiming that two archangels are missing, and something is definitely not right in the heavenly- and other- realms. Saying he has nothing to do with it- this time- he asks Johnny and Cerise to help him find out what’s happening, and who is behind the disappearances. While they are trying to do just that, Lucifer is devilnapped, but not before he leaves a trail of sorts. What Johnny and Cerise find out, and where Lucifer’s homing beacon leads them, could unleash untold evil and ultimate destruction

Snake’s Alive, the Yo-Yo Files #2 is an urban fantasy novelette. Learn more here.



Cerise has always known she was half demon. What she didn’t know is just how powerful her father is. When her mother dies, she decides to summon her father so she can tell him- without asking for Johnny’s help. Daddy is unimpressed with both Cerise and her news. He just wants to be free, and free is what he gets when Cerise can’t hold him. To track him down, Johnny and Cerise travel to the Pacific Northwest where they team up with Quinnell, Johnny’s mentor and Cerise’s teacher. When Daddy takes a sudden interest in Cerise, Johnny and Quinnell know something is up. And whatever that something is, it won’t be good for Cerise. Add a Bigfoot-hunting photographer, tribes of indigenous creatures that have hidden in the forest for centuries, and a few other demonic visitors, and things get complicated quickly. Johnny will need to teach his old yo-yo a few new tricks to untangle Daddy Demon’s plot and rescue Cerise before the demon takes up permanent residence in our world.

The Demon’s in the Details, the Yo-Yo Files #3, is an urban fantasy novella. Learn more here.