I Don’t Have Much

To say, really. I had hoped things would settle down by now, but, nope. It's like some weird, never-ending disaster movie. Can we just roll credits, please? Or, no, wait. Let's just skip straight to THE END. On a more up note (if you are an American football fan): How about those Cleveland Browns? I … Continue reading I Don’t Have Much

Move Over, Marie Kondo! I Have Stuff to Put There!

Have you caught up to the Marie Kondo craze? She of the de-cluttering, stuff tossing, excruciatingly annoying voice? If not, just Google her name. You will find more than you ever wanted to know- or hear. I mean, look, I get it. We all probably have too much stuff, but her voice just makes me … Continue reading Move Over, Marie Kondo! I Have Stuff to Put There!

Monday Musings: What Happened to Summer?

I think we blew through it a couple weeks ago, didn't we? Seems we have had very little sunny weather since that warm spell. I mean, I'm glad we are getting enough rain, but a little sunshine on my shoulders would be welcome! Oh, hey- we bought more plants! It seems we can't stop this … Continue reading Monday Musings: What Happened to Summer?

Friday Review: 2015

Just some random stats for the blog, plus a little thinking back, on the year that just went by: Blog views: 1700 Busiest day: July 6th with 34 views. The post: Cover Reveal: Circle Unbroken Total new posts: 136 The Five Most Viewed Posts: Wednesday Wanderings: Practice Smarter, Computers Writing News Stories, 3D Floor Tiles, … Continue reading Friday Review: 2015