Yes, I know I have been. And for no good reason, really. A few things going on, but nothing that ate up ALL the time. We had more snow. Yay, April, you keep on being the mysterious surprise package you always were! Spring flowers are starting to bloom everywhere. I am working up some garden … Continue reading MIA

Move Over, Marie Kondo! I Have Stuff to Put There!

Have you caught up to the Marie Kondo craze? She of the de-cluttering, stuff tossing, excruciatingly annoying voice? If not, just Google her name. You will find more than you ever wanted to know- or hear. I mean, look, I get it. We all probably have too much stuff, but her voice just makes me … Continue reading Move Over, Marie Kondo! I Have Stuff to Put There!

Monday Musings: What Happened to Summer?

I think we blew through it a couple weeks ago, didn't we? Seems we have had very little sunny weather since that warm spell. I mean, I'm glad we are getting enough rain, but a little sunshine on my shoulders would be welcome! Oh, hey- we bought more plants! It seems we can't stop this … Continue reading Monday Musings: What Happened to Summer?

Friday Review: 2015

Just some random stats for the blog, plus a little thinking back, on the year that just went by: Blog views: 1700 Busiest day: July 6th with 34 views. The post: Cover Reveal: Circle Unbroken Total new posts: 136 The Five Most Viewed Posts: Wednesday Wanderings: Practice Smarter, Computers Writing News Stories, 3D Floor Tiles, … Continue reading Friday Review: 2015