Catching Up

I have been slacking again, I know. But, really, there isn’t much new going on and I have felt kind of stressy lately. I don’t know why that is, either. On most fronts, things are at a holding point. The BaldMan’s chemo is ongoing. He just finished the third of six treatments last week. He’s had some more nausea issues and, of course, the fatigue is still there, but other than that, it’s been okay. Still not going out and about too much, and when he does, he masks and tries to keep away from larger crowds. Bloodwork continues to look good, so that’s a plus.

His parents are in a holding pattern of sorts right now. His father has a valve in his heart that needs repairing, but with his other health issues, surgery is very risky. The repair can be done minimally invasively from what we have been told, but until he sees the cardiothoracic surgeon in a few weeks, he’s on constant oxygen and can’t do much of anything because he can’t stress his heart. But even that is really at a standstill until he sees what the surgeon says. Which will, we hope, be that the surgery can be done without extreme risk.

The weather has been lovely, with a day or two where the temps hit 80. Okay, it might be a little early for that, but I am not arguing. I’ve gotten some cleanup done in the gardens, and planted some wildflower seeds that I hope will grow. Most of what we planted last year seems to have survived the winter and is growing. The few things I haven’t seen growth on yet are more summer blooming, so it may just be a bit early for them yet. I have a set of plants on order that should get here sometime in the next few weeks and that will finish off the shaded side of the house where we put in the beds and some plants last year. I’ve also started planning for the back fence line shrubbery. And getting the raised bed garden for vegetables set up and filled with soil. It’s a work in progress.

Otherwise, things are good. Quiet, but I’ll take that. It’s good to see so much green out there again!

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