Does This Mean We Have To Move To Florida?

The BaldMan made a big decision this week. He is officially retired now. He originally planned to work a few more years, but life seems to have had other plans, and he decided it was time. He does have plans for keeping busy, although right now, those are pretty much trying to navigate Social Security and Medicare. We’ll see how quickly I am ready to shove him out of the house! 😀

We are supposed to get snow today into Monday (I am typing this on Sunday). They are predicting 3-6 inches for us into Monday morning. I am not sure I remember what snow is, we have had so little this winter. Lambeau will like it, though. Once he got used to snow as a puppy, he decided he likes running through it in the yard.

The gym work is going pretty good. Though we did find out that our trainer is not at the gym anymore, so we are getting a new one. He’s one of the owners and is a nice fella, so it should be fine. Monday morning will be my first with him. Overall, I have lost some weight and a couple inches, as well. So, keeping it up to keep improving.

Not much else going on right now. It’s been quiet since the holidays. That is not a bad thing, and I am not complaining! A little slow and easy is a nice change once in a while.

On we go into a new week. Hope yours is a good one!

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