Is It Really Nearly the End of January?

I guess it is. Wow. After the seeming endlessness of the past year, this first month of 2021 has flown past. Or at least it seems so to me. I suppose, in some ways, that’s a good thing. It might mean things are looking a bit more normal, right?

Anyway, the weather has gotten cold again. But along with that, we are getting some clear and sunny days. After the long stretches of gloomy, gray-skied days we’ve had, it’s a pleasure to go outside and see blue sky and bright sun. Even if it means bundling up in coat, hat, and gloves.

This latest round of apoquel for Lambeau’s dermatitis has been working very well. He’s not irritating the spots now, and they have mostly healed up. He’s also feeling better and is back to his happy self. I am glad of that. Although I do wish I knew what was irritating him. Allergies are such difficult buggers!

We are planning on sending Lambeau back to daycare one day a week, every other week. Starting on Wednesday. I think it will be good for him in a few ways. He needs the energy outlet of good, active playtime with other dogs to get some of the rambunctious out of him. Plus, if our (rescheduled) trip does happen in September, I would like to know he’s back to being able to play with other dogs well while he’s boarding. He was making a lot of progress when this whole pandemic thing hit, but he hasn’t been around other dogs for about a year, and I suspect he will have reverted to his sometimes rather rude and over-the-top play style. The good thing is that the place we take him to is very aware of things like that, and will work with him again to get him settled in to playing well. He was doing well when we stopped bringing him regularly- because all the chili trips got cancelled for the year.

We got one of those mystery box subscriptions from our oldest daughter and family for Christmas. We got the first box and sorted through it, lined up the clues, and we think we figured out what was needed in that one. The second package has arrived, but we haven’t done anything yet. It’s been fun. And middle daughter got us a subscription to charcuterie boxes that will come monthly for three months. Can’t argue with boxes of cured meat, now can you?

I hope your January has been a good one. Kind of nice to think we are heading into warmer weather in a few months, isn’t it?


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