We Can Has Snow!

It snowed a bit yesterday. The depth on the deck is about a food. I haven’t measured out back on the ground. It started mid-afternoon yesterday and ended sometime last night. It was also quite windy, so the stuff was blowing all over. There were periods where the accumulation was in inches per hour. Made for some nasty driving. The BaldMan was supposed to go into his workplace to pick up a new laptop to replace the one he has that decided a screen wasn’t necessary. He went in the morning to avoid the storm. Middle daughter was not so lucky. She had to work and had to drive home in it. Her car couldn’t make it up the hill here so she left it at the mail house. She and the BaldMan tried later in the evening, but the plow hadn’t cleared enough of the road (and it was still coming down quite heavily) and even our bigger Avalon had trouble getting back up the hill. She and I went down this morning and cleared her out so she could get the car up here. The snow looks pretty on the trees and all, but it’s still a nuisance in many ways.

I got another short short story drafted yesterday. There was a time when 800+ words wouldn’t be noteworthy, but at this point in time, I was quite happy with that. The flash/short short collection is getting there. Three more pieces and I can start the editing/beta process. I decided to get all the stories drafted and edit after. It seemed the better approach. We’ll see.

I am also in the process of trying to make some plans for the next couple months. I am hoping having some concrete goals and objectives will get me back in a working mode. Fingers crossed and all that, right?

If you were in the path of this storm, I hope you are plowed and shoveled out, your power stayed on, and you stayed warm and safe inside.


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