I Don’t Have Much

To say, really. I had hoped things would settle down by now, but, nope. It’s like some weird, never-ending disaster movie. Can we just roll credits, please? Or, no, wait. Let’s just skip straight to THE END.

On a more up note (if you are an American football fan): How about those Cleveland Browns? I mean, seriously, talk about a surprising underdog team. First playoff appearance in 18 years, their head coach watching from isolation in his home basement because of a positive COVID-19 test, and they still manage to rather handily defeat one of the best teams in the league this year. Sure, lots of things went Cleveland’s way (that first play of the game? What???), and the Steelers didn’t play up to standard, but still. Good on you, Browns! On to Kansas City- which, I think, will be a much tougher game.

On a personal note, my Aunt Dorothy died over the weekend. It was sad news. She was another victim of the horror that is Alzheimers, and the past few years were a bit rough, but that wasn’t who she was or who I remember. We spent a lot of time at Uncle Jack and Aunt Dorothy’s growing up. They had an inground pool, so, hey, that was a big draw! They also hosted a 4th of July family party for many years that was always fun. Aunt Dorothy was one of the nicest people I know- always upbeat and I can’t remember her ever saying anything bad about anyone. RIP, Aunt Dorothy. You’ll be missed.

Off we go into a new week. Be nice. Even to those you disagree with. Be kind. Even to the grumpy and bitchy. I know it sounds sort of cliché but I really think this is something we all should think about: Be the change you want to see. Because lots of folks out there are saying we need to come together, tolerate, understand, care, etc. But it really does begin with me- and you. Kindness is contagious. And it’s one bug we shouldn’t want to mask or distance ourselves from.


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