Does the Energizer Bunny Do Transfusions?

Because I could sure use some of that energy that “keeps going and going and going.” Mine lately has been gone and gone and gone. I am just tired all the time, and nothing sounds better than a nap- or six. Being tired all the time is tiring!

Still managing to get to the gym twice a week, and getting back on track with eating habits and drinking (WATER!!!! Not what you’re thinking! LOL). Trying to get more at-home exercise in on non-gym days, but the energy level and motivation has been scarce. I do get out and walk Lambeau, so that’s at least something. I come in here and sit at the computer, and eventually give up trying to do anything useful because the foggy brain just doesn’t want to work.

Second round of chemo for the BaldMan this afternoon. He’s gone nowhere other than doctor’s appointments since getting out of the hospital, and that will continue until the chemo is done. Which means he is essentially under house arrest until June. He’s doing okay. Tired a lot, but that’s expected. We are keeping the COVID protocols going here at the house, so just hoping we don’t have a repeat of the fever/infection after this round.

The other thing I have going right now is planning some work with Lambeau. He’s been a bit neglected as far as learning new things this winter, and that’s all on me. I have a (sort of) idea what I want to do with him, and I am working on figuring out how to approach it and fit some training in every day. Some of the foundation work he already knows (or should) and just needs a bit of reminding and reinforcing, so that should go quickly. At least I hope it does. He generally is good about remembering things he’s learned in the past. I pulled out the step stool a week or so ago, and he remembered all the things we learned using that as a prop from a long time ago. That’s a good sign. The neighbors will likely think we’re nuts when they see Lambeau and I walking around in big squares and circles in the yard. Oh, well, I suppose it’s about time they realized we ARE nuts!!

I did manage to get a few words written over that last week and a half. It’s not much, but it’s the beginning of a first draft. Brain fog doesn’t make for a good writing companion but I am trying to get around it as much as I can. And, some words written is better than no words written. It also helps calm that nasty little voice in the head that keeps saying: “Oh, no writing today, huh? You’re useless.” At least I can tell it- but yes, I did write today. See?

Okay, enough Debby Downer stuff. I saw some snowdrops blooming the other day while out walking Lambeau. And the daffodils planted at the side of the house are showing leaves now. I do need to dig them up and replant this fall. They are far too close to the house where they are now. Also seeing people posting pictures of blooming crocus, so I guess Spring is on the way. We just have to get through another possible snowstorm this week. The last couple have been busts, so we will see with this one. Could be a big one. Could be another meh. I guess only Mother Nature knows. Although lately, I am not sure even she knows what’s going on out there.

A new week is on the horizon. Eat something green and healthy. Stay hydrated. Get out and feel the fresh air around you. Be nice. Or even nicer. Have a good week!

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