What’s Up These Days?

I have been feeling a bit lost since the beginning of the year. I took some time off of my usual writing schedule over the holidays, and after the New Year, I had my release of The Demon’s in the Details to deal with, and that added to the time away from actual writing. Now that the book is available, I seem to be having a difficult time getting back into the regular schedule.

I know part of it is my hesitation at diving deeply into the YA idea I have floating around. It’s not my usual focus and I am struggling a bit with my main character’s voice. There are times when it sounds a bit too young for the age group YA is aimed at, but I also feel that making it too grown up is not the direction I want to go in. I did have a pretty decent idea for one of the characters, though, prompted by an article posted by a friend. I think that particular character’s arc might just be pretty good. I also have the flash fiction collection that I am working on and I’m also struggling with ideas for that. And I want to rewrite the main descriptions for pretty much all of my published stories. On top of all that, I had some ideas for an older novel that I have picked up and put down a number of times already. All of that has left me kind of dangling, with no real direction. 

So, I sat myself down and worked out a goal list for the next little while. I have split up the work I need to do, and I am going to devote time- specific, blocked out time- to each item. There’s room for change, of course, so if one of the things on my list starts to take off, I can rearrange priorities to accommodate it. It might not be the most efficient way to approach things, but it’s what is going to work for right now. At the least, it puts me back on a regular schedule and that can’t hurt anything.

Now, I just have to stick to the schedule!


The Demon’s in the Details, the third story in my urban fantasy series the Yo-Yo Files is now available.

Urban fantasy like the above not your thing? Well, I have science fiction and more traditional fantasy stories available, as well. Look here for all the deets on the above series and the rest of my published stories.