Chuck Wendig on the Starving Artist

We all have heard the Staving Artist Myth. You know- the writer or artist or creator who sits in a freezing attic, making a packet of ramen noodles last for a week's worth of meals, cold, hungry, alone, butĀ fulfilled. Oh, so romantic, right? No. At least not to me. But we are too often given … Continue reading Chuck Wendig on the Starving Artist

Monday Musings: Writing Updates

It's February, isn't it? January seemed to disappear, especially on the writing front. I got very little done in the past month. It's been hard to get going again. I can't seem to get back into a writing routine. "Ah, yes," they say, nodding knowingly. "Writer's block. Happens to everyone." Well, no. If you have … Continue reading Monday Musings: Writing Updates

Two’s Company, Chapter Two

Here's a look at Chapter Two of "Two's Company", the science fiction space opera novel I will be releasing in December. If you didn't catch Chapter One, you can read it here. Two's Company by M.A. Kropp Chapter Two Deuce found the berth where the Wild was towed. She opened the outer hatch and stepped … Continue reading Two’s Company, Chapter Two