Monday Musings: The Times, They Are A-Changing

Oh, yes, there is a definite chill in the air these last few days, especially in the morning. We’ve dipped into the mid-30s overnight already, and the mornings are, if not really cold, at least requiring a light jacket for walking the dog. We’ve had some gray and rainy stuff but also those deep blue autumn skies with white clouds. The trees are showing more and more color all the time and leaves are falling as they change. Oh, and around here, so are the acorns! There are a lot of oak trees here and they are dropping acorns by the bucket load. Those things are like little bombs being dropped all over. You have to watch that you don’t get bopped on the head while you are out there. “Dodge the Acorns” is our fall outdoor game!

There are good things coming with the change in seasons. We are heading full steam into the holidays for one thing. I am not a fan of rushing the holidays the way most retail stores do these days. Let’s let each holiday have its time. I am thinking Halloween right now, and after that, out will come the rest of the Fall/Thanksgiving things, and then, Christmas. As usual, if we get a nice day in November, especially on a weekend, I will string up the Christmas lights, but they do not get lit until December 1. Even that seems like rushing things because Thanksgiving is barely over. I know, we all love Christmas but all of these Fall/Winter celebrations seem to just meld more and more every year into one holiday that has too little to distinguish where one leaves off and the next begins. Yes, I am cranky about this. 

I am going to be heading into revisions on The Demon’s in the Details this week, so I will be buried in that for a while. I also have to put the finishing touches on this year’s Halloween story so it will be ready at the end of the month. And try to find some time to work on the new shiny idea that I started planning last week. It is looking like it may be a bit more complex than I originally thought, which is not a bad thing at all, but may take a bit more time until I am comfortably ready to really get into writing. I also want to go back and take another shot at an older thing that keeps pushing its way into the front of my mind. Not sure on that one. It keeps popping up, but there hasn’t been a big Ah-ha! moment that might help me get past the parts I am stuck on. But maybe I just need to dive in again to see it. That should keep me busy! If you are in an area that gets this lovely Fall time of year, take some time to go out and enjoy it. The smell of crisp air and the leaves are truly wonders and will make you just feel good!


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