Wednesday on Writing: So, What Am I Doing Lately?

I have been using these Wednesday posts to talk about some aspects of writing. Sometimes craft, sometimes publishing, sometimes other things. Always just my opinion and/or experience. I thought I would do something a little bit different today and give you a quick update on what has been on my writing schedule lately.

Main Work in Progress: The Yo-Yo Files #3: The Demon’s in the Details

This is the big project under way right now. It is the third in my urban fantasy series (that’s why it’s #3!). This one is mainly Cerise’s back story. Cerise is one of the two main characters in the story and she is half-demon and half-human. As the story opens, she has found out that her human mother recently died, and she decides to try a summoning on her own to tell her demon father. He was trapped in the demon world years ago by the man who helped Cerise learn to cope with her demon side. She’s not quite up to handling a high order demon, and not only does he seem not to care about her mother, he also manages to break free and escape. Her partner in demon fighting, Johnny, finds her, and they travel to the Pacific Northwest to consult with Quinnell, who taught Johnny and raised Cerise. The demon has also gone back to his old hunting grounds and now seems very interested in having Cerise join him.

The first two in the series were novelette length stories. I am hoping this one will come in as a solid novella. I am almost to the low end of the novella word count at over 21K. As with the other two, there is a bit of mythology and folklore in here, mostly dealing with bigfoot. I hope to have it finished and ready to publish by the end of this year or very early next year.

Flashes: A Collection of Very Short Fiction

I have been working on this one for a while now. It will be 24 very short (under 2000 words) stories. Twelve are science fiction, and twelve are fantasy. A few have been published before on my website, but the majority will be new. I have about half of each set at least drafted. It will (fingers crossed) publish in Spring or Summer of next year.

As Yet Untitled and Unplotted Middle Grade

I had a request from our oldest grandson to write an action-adventure story for him. I have a vague sort of idea for a science fiction story that would fit this request. I have been playing with the idea to see if it will flesh out into a workable plot outline. Middle grade is not something I have done before so there will be some learning curve there, as well. No timeline on that yet.

There is also a cover re-design in progress for the first two Yo-Yo Files books. Ideas are being tossed about, so we’ll see how that goes. They both really need better covers than they have.

And that’s what is keeping me busy at my desk these days. Oh, and writing these little missives a few times a week. Keeps me off the streets, anyway. And (mostly) out of trouble!


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