Monday Musings: The Rain In Winchendon- Wait, What?

Late posting this today. Apologies. Busy day with some catching up needed.

Anyway, Saturday was the first of our New England area chili cook offs. It was the Massachusetts State Cook Off, aka The Beast of the East. As usual, the BaldMan was chief judge and I was scorekeeper. We had a good turnout of cooks, including some who traveled from VA (I think). They generously stepped up to add categories to their day so that we could make our qualifying numbers. Thank you!

The day started with some morning rain. It was kind of heavy, enough that we had to pull everything more into the judging tent and that made for some tight spots, and I had to try to keep the computer and printer from getting soaked. It passed over before the gates opened, and the sun came out. Good.

But, well, we all know New England weather. Later in the afternoon, the dark clouds rolled in again and this time, we got not only torrential rain, but thunder and lightning along with it. Kind of killed the day, really. Anyone out there tasting chili pretty much hightailed it out at that point. It was really too bad because this is the third year in a row we’ve had rain at Mass State. It affects the money raised for the charity which provides food bags for kids who might otherwise not get enough to eat. 

The rain also caused some frustrations for me. Apparently, the printer did get a bit damp and it just refused to print well. Kept throwing paper jams. I had to do the final tally sheet for Red chili by hand. Not difficult, just frustrating. I may have gotten a tiny bit impatient at some points during the day. 

We also had Lambeau with us, and he is not happy in storms. There was one huge crash that must have been a close lightning hit, and we all jumped at that one. Poor dog was just beside himself. We all managed to survive.

This Saturday is the Granite State Chili Challenge at the Loudon Recreational Field in Loudon, NH. If you are in the area, come on up and taste some world class chili, vote for your favorite, and enjoy the day. It WILL be nice. (I hope)


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