Wednesday Waffling: Post Holiday and Trying to Get Back in Gear- And Cover Reveal!

I have no idea why this year is starting off so slowly. Normally, I don’t have trouble jumping back into gear after taking some time off, but this year, the holiday break seems to have taken all the wind out of my sails. I think I will just have to force myself to plunge in full throttle, and try to toss off the foggy brain by force. Case in point? This post. I was planning on getting back to full form here on the blog, with Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posts. Since this is hitting on Wednesday, and there is a big hole on Monday, well, we see how that went, don’t we? I do have a review for Friday. Yay!

Despite the lack of progress here, there is news! We have a cover for the Yo-Yo Files #3: The Demon’s in the Details! It is set to release on January 20. This will be a novella length story, so a bit longer than the first two. Here’s the blurb and a look at the cover:

Cerise has always known she was half demon. What she didn’t know is just how powerful her father is. When her mother dies, she decides to summon her father so she can tell him- without asking for Johnny’s help. Daddy is unimpressed with both Cerise and her news. He just wants to be free, and free is what he gets when Cerise can’t hold him. To track him down, Johnny and Cerise travel to the Pacific Northwest where they team up with Quinnell, Johnny’s mentor and Cerise’s teacher. When Daddy takes a sudden interest in Cerise, Johnny and Quinnell know something is up. And whatever that something is, it won’t be good for Cerise. Add a Bigfoot-hunting photographer, tribes of indigenous creatures that have hidden in the forest for centuries, and a few other demonic visitors, and things get complicated quickly. Johnny will need to teach his old yo-yo a few new tricks to untangle Daddy Demon’s plot and rescue Cerise before the demon takes up permanent residence in our world.


I love the fog effect on this. It gives an eerie sort of look to the whole thing. And who doesn’t love a little Bigfoot in a story? January 20, at Smashwords or wherever you get your e-books. And remember, the second story in the series, Snake’s Aliveis currently free on Smashwords until the new one releases.

Here’s to picking up and getting rolling right on into this new year!


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