Monday Musings: The Sap is Running!

For those wondering if Spring is ever coming, I can now say: Yes! Not only are some of the birds beginning to sing their Spring songs, the sparrows have been revisiting their nesting sites under our air conditioning units. One more sign: the sap is running in the trees.

We have sugar maples on our property. Most are too young and small to tap, but there are two that are nicely sized. Today, the BaldMan fought his way through the sometimes butt-deep snow to get to the trees and tap them. The sap is running! And with the weather we are predicted to have this week, we should get some decent runs. We don’t get a lot of syrup, but it’s enough for the two of us. It is a process, because you have to collect the sap every day, and the boiling takes a while. When you get close to the end, you have to watch the temperature. It’s one more thing that gives you a true sense of where the food you are eating comes from. Work? Yes. Still, I think you enjoy it just a little bit more when you have to do the work to get your food.

I also got to take Lambeau on a longer walk than we have for a long while. Most of the last month or so, I’ve been either letting him run on the path through the yard, or on his long line around the cul-de-sac. But we’ve had a bit of warmer weather lately, so we took a chance out on the surrounding streets. The cross street off ours was a bit tricky. Still a lot of high snowbanks and not a lot of room, but I stopped him and waited for cars, or pulled off into driveways or mailbox cutouts. The main road up the hill was better. There was room on the shoulder. Not much, but a bit. I think Lambeau enjoyed getting to stretch his legs a bit more. The weather is supposed to be decent all week, so I hope we can get out more.

Oh, and we had the time change this weekend. Spring forward. Personally, if we got rid of DST, I could be very happy. It will take me a few days to adjust. Lambeau got me up to take him out this morning, but I fell back to sleep on the sofa after. I didn’t even finish my first cup of coffee before I was asleep again.

It seems there may be an end to this Winter on the horizon. Let’s hope it doesn’t sink and keeps rising!


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