Monday Musings: Chili, Again, Hartford Friday Night, and More Dog Stuff

We were away again on Friday and Saturday. We went to Hartford, CT to run the judging at a new chili cook off at the Gengras Harley Davidson dealership. It was hot and humid, and they set us up a tent with sides on a grassy area behind the cooks’ tents. The sides were good for keeping the sound from the band at a level good for meetings, judging, and scoring, but they did block a lot of whatever breeze there was, and the mosquitos loved it. It was a fun day, in spite of that. There were some really nice looking Harleys there, let me tell you. Fancy paint jobs, all shiny and new, and cool.

The charity that benefitted from this one was the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, and there were several people there with guide dogs in training. They train German Shepherd Dogs, and they were really gorgeous. One of the people that has one of their dogs as his guide dog came. Ray was one of our judges. His dog, Bob, was a big (90 lb.!), beautiful, and sweet boy. While Ray and his helper were judging, Bob hung out with me at the scorekeeper’s table. He was so good, although a little confused, I think, about why Ray was doing things without him!

We got down to Hartford on Friday. We had dinner at a little seafood shack type place that was really, really good. My clam strips were so good. We walked there from the hotel, since it wasn’t really all that far. We’d had a message from one of the other cooks that several of them were at a brew pub that was also within walking distance, but we had already decided on the seafood. When we got back to the hotel, we found out they were still at the pub, so we walked over there and had a really good evening with three other chiliheads.

The Founder’s Bridge walkway in Hartford is nice. It goes over the river (well, duh, so does the bridge!) and below, along the river is a nice park and walking path. There’s a sculpture garden in one section, and the Museum of Science is right there. They have a life-size (or close to) tyrannasaurus rex and velociraptor outside the Museum. The raptor was moving his head and arms! Looking for dinner, perhaps? We didn’t stop to find out!

We came home Saturday night, and on Sunday, we did go to the weekly group dog walk, and this time, Lambeau got delivered to us. The woman who runs the kennel we board him at organized the walks, so she said she would just bring him along with her. That was nice. He’s getting so much better on these walks. He still gets a bit distracted by the other dogs, and today, he was very interested in the geese and goslings at one of the ponds, but he does get back to me more quickly. He also settles down to walking nicely much faster. These walks have been very good for him! (and me!)

It rained Sunday. The rain held off for our walk, but after that, it was wet all day long. We do need the rain, so it was a good thing. It also let me get some things done here that might not have if it was nice and I was outside doing other things (that still need to be done, but rain is a good excuse not to!) That means I can concentrate Monday on getting the new story up on Smashwords, Amazon, and Google Play. Not difficult, but tedious. So, yes, that means it will be available for purchase this week. Again, I will let you know, trust me!

The rest of the week was pretty quiet. Took the dog to the vet, and he weighed in at 59 lbs. I had guessed sixty, so I was close. He is now listed on his file card as “exuberant.” Yeah, I would have said Pain in the Butt, but exuberant will do! He yipped and howled the way he does when he wants attention every time someone in the office moved. Again, once the initial excitement wore off, he was pretty good. He lay down on the waiting room floor for longer and longer periods, and got lots of good treats for that. He was okay for his exam and shots, although he kept thinking the vet wanted to play. He can be a bit of a crazy boy. I am working with him all the time, and he’s slowly getting better.

New story release week, coming up! Watch this space!

(The photo is Bob, the guide dog, and I at the cook off)


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