Cover Reveal: Circle Unbroken (Revised)

The cover design is re-done! The full cover, front and back is below. I think it looks quite lovely.

Circle Unbroken Cover (Print) (1)

Now, to go along with this first look at the cover, I’m going to run a little giveaway. I have 5 e-book copies of “Circle Unbroken” to give away. All I ask is that you try to read it in the next month, and then, when the pre-sale goes live from August 2 through August 17, post a review to Amazon, Goodreads, your blog or website- wherever you post reviews of the things you read. I’m not asking for 5 stars (unless you think it is that good! And I hope you do!), nor am I asking for long, detailed reviews (unless you want to). If you want to get one, just leave a comment on this blog post. I’ll send the files at the end of the week. If I get more than five, I will pick at random. Thank you and good luck!

Here’s the blurb for the book:

When your family runs the mining operation on a planet that supplies a long-depleted Earth with needed resources, there are bound to be those who would like to see you fail. After five years away with the Interstellar Security Corps, Kaili is coming home after the death of her grandmother as a key participant in the ceremony to install her sister as head of the company and the ruling planetary council. She and her partner land in the middle of old resentments and new threats.

Like all of her people, Kaili is gifted with psi abilities developed over generations living in close harmony with their world- what outsiders see as magic. The ceremony investing her sister with her new positions will be a formal ritual, and Kaili, as her sister’s closest relative, will complete the binding Circle.

Accidents and unrest are growing in the mine operations, and Kaili and her partner, Jeff, uncover evidence that her sister will be formally challenged at the ceremony. When Kaili goes missing right before the ceremony, and returns with no apparent memory of the past few days, Jeff knows something is not right. He will need to use a little magic of his own to make sure Kaili is ready to face the family’s enemies. If not, it could mean both sisters’ lives.

“Circle Unbroken”, a science fiction novel,  goes on pre-sale starting August 2 through August 17, with the full launch on August 18.

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