Monday Musings: It’s Spring Again!

After snow two days last week, a bit of warmer weather has returned. The dogwood in front of our townhouse is blooming nicely, and the daffodils are blooming. Let's hope it stays around this time! We are still under the stay at home restrictions due the COVID-19 pandemic. I realize people are getting antsy and … Continue reading Monday Musings: It’s Spring Again!

Excerpt from Circle Unbroken (Coming in August)

(From Chapter Four) “Good morning, Mr. Conner,” she said, smiling. “Good morning, Sheila,” Philip answered. “We have guests today. This is Laira’s sister, Kaili, and her partner, Jeff MacKenzie. Sheila is one of our geologists. Why don’t you tell them what you are doing, Sheila?” “I’m very sorry about your grandmother,” Sheila said to Kaili. … Continue reading Excerpt from Circle Unbroken (Coming in August)

Cover Reveal: Circle Unbroken (Revised)

The cover design is re-done! The full cover, front and back is below. I think it looks quite lovely. Now, to go along with this first look at the cover, I'm going to run a little giveaway. I have 5 e-book copies of "Circle Unbroken" to give away. All I ask is that you try … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Circle Unbroken (Revised)