Monday Musings: It’s Spring Again!

After snow two days last week, a bit of warmer weather has returned. The dogwood in front of our townhouse is blooming nicely, and the daffodils are blooming. Let’s hope it stays around this time!

We are still under the stay at home restrictions due the COVID-19 pandemic. I realize people are getting antsy and bored, and there certainly are not inconsequential burdens on businesses, in particular small businesses, but the people out there gathering in crowds and protesting the continuance of the restrictions are just plain idiots. Let’s try not to make this lockdown last any longer than necessary. How? By following the stay at home recommendations!

Phase One of the Smashwords Authors Give Back promotion is done. The Yo-Yo Files are not on it as of today. But- I have put my first novel, Circle Unbroken, on sale. From now until May 31, you can download it at Smashwords for free. It’s scifi with a healthy dose of ritual magic. There is family and political intrigue, betrayals and unexpected alliances, and both scifi and magical action. You can find out more and download it here. I hope it helps pass some time while you are being good little socially distant friends. (And, as always, if you do read it and enjoy it (I hope you do!), a nice review is appreciated.)


Need something to read during this time of sheltering? Through May 31, my scifi/fantasy novel, Circle Unbroken, is free at Smashwords