Monday Musings: It’s Spring Again!

After snow two days last week, a bit of warmer weather has returned. The dogwood in front of our townhouse is blooming nicely, and the daffodils are blooming. Let's hope it stays around this time! We are still under the stay at home restrictions due the COVID-19 pandemic. I realize people are getting antsy and … Continue reading Monday Musings: It’s Spring Again!

Monday Musings: Goin’ Nowhere

So, it seems we are to be under restrictions until at least the end of April. Don't misunderstand, I am fully in favor of this. I also understand (and to some extent, am pretty sure) that's not even long enough. Our governor here in MA said today that predictions are that the confirmed cases of … Continue reading Monday Musings: Goin’ Nowhere

Monday Musings: Behind Closed Doors

Like pretty much everyone, we are under the shadow of the COVID-19 virus. We are fine here, but we are following the recommendations to stay at home as much as is possible, limit contact with other people, washing hands, and practicing social distancing. I know it's what has to be done, but it all feels … Continue reading Monday Musings: Behind Closed Doors

Friday Review: Wanderers by Chuck Wendig

My rating: 4 of 5 stars Hundreds of people are being afflicted by a strange malady. One day, they simply leave whatever they are doing and begin walking. No one knows where they are going because they appear to be sleepwalking. They can't be waked, they don't speak, eat, or drink; they simply walk on … Continue reading Friday Review: Wanderers by Chuck Wendig

Wednesday Wanderings: SpaceX Falcon Heavy, Virus May Be the Cause of Consciousness, Winter Olympic Facts, and 23 Dumb Jokes

SpaceX launched it's Falcon Heavy rocket on February 6. The lift off was pretty neat, and the two booster rockets landed upright almost in perfect sync. If you missed it, here's a video of the take off and landing: SpaceX Falcon Heavy Scientists think a virus might be responsible for human consciousness: Human Consciousness Are … Continue reading Wednesday Wanderings: SpaceX Falcon Heavy, Virus May Be the Cause of Consciousness, Winter Olympic Facts, and 23 Dumb Jokes

Wednesday Wanderings: Medical Marvels

A sampling of medical related news this week: Nanotechnology. The stuff of science fiction, right? Maybe not, if this research proves out: Nanotechnology and Disease And here, a possible cure for viral infections. All of them: Macromolecule Viral Infection Cure Does acetaminophen reduce empathy? There is some evidence that it may: Acetaminophen and Empathy This … Continue reading Wednesday Wanderings: Medical Marvels