Monday Musings: Goin’ Nowhere

So, it seems we are to be under restrictions until at least the end of April. Don’t misunderstand, I am fully in favor of this. I also understand (and to some extent, am pretty sure) that’s not even long enough. Our governor here in MA said today that predictions are that the confirmed cases of COVID-19 are expected to start surging in the April 11 to April 17 range, so two weeks after that only puts us near the end of the month and I think we should be prepared to stay out of public spaces even after that.

I did read an interesting article a day or so ago (and didn’t bookmark it, darnit!) in which a doctor said that calling what we should be doing now to prevent the virus from spreading should not be called social distancing. The thinking is that the term distance implies it is okay to interact as long as you keep that 6-10 foot separation, and from this doctor’s perspective, that is just misleading people to think they can get together with neighbors, family, etc. for a chat as long as they keep that distance. And that distance is fine for casual meetings (grocery store, pharmacy, and the like), but in prolonged sessions, it could be more dangerous. The author proposed the term “social isolation”. I think I like that, although I see the “isolation” as being more fear provoking to some. “Distance” is an easier thing to feel calmer and better about. I don’t know. I’m not any sort of expert. I do know I see and hear too many stories where people are not being cautious enough.

As for me, well, I don’t go anywhere. I walk the dog, but I’ve tried to time our walks when there won’t be anyone else out. I go to the mail house to get whatever is there, and wash my hands with good soapy water when I get back. Our groceries are now being picked up by our middle daughter who works in a grocery and has to go there, anyway. Yes, she’s being careful. We all are. Times are weird, and weirdly normal at the same moment.

On a lighter note, I saw a tweet in which the tweeter said they were worried about their 95 year old grandmother who is in a senior living residence in New Orleans (one of the hardest hit areas of the US). They got a call from her saying they were out of Tito’s at the residence and was there any way some could be gotten to them? Methinks grandma is going to be okay!

Stay home if you are able. If you are in the essential workers circle, please be as careful as you can be, and then some. And thank you for being out there doing what you do for the rest of us. Wash your hands, a lot. All of you. Limit your outside the house activity. This, too, shall pass, but only if we make it so.


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