Tuesday Thoughts: Life Goes On

At least for the natural world. We had robins make a nest in the rhododendron out front this year. We’ve been watching the progress from 4 small blue eggs to little pink hatchlings to the now almost too big for the nest and starting to sprout real feathers baby birds. We’ve also had our regular visitors coming back to the bird feeders. More finches are showing up, as well as two female and one male Baltimore oriole, and hummingbirds. Of course, we are getting our year-round friends, as well- cardinals, bluebirds, purple  and goldfinches. And the squirrels! Oh, yes, the squirrels. I have given up and just put the critter mix in the platform feeder with some sunflower seed and mealworms, and hope the birds get at least a fair share.

Downstairs, I have three chipmunks who come around regularly for the feed I put out there. One of them will now take sunflower seeds from my hand. And we have a cute little red squirrel, or as we call him, our Hammy squirrel. (Fans of Over the Hedge will know that one.)

It’s calming and good to see the world away from human concerns over viruses and social distancing, and opening the economy (too soon? not soon enough?) is moving on with its own cycle of life.

Have a few pictures of baby birds to help you realize there is a whole other world out there!


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